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Our approach to mediation

Mediation is confidential, cost-effective and quick. Above all, it has a high success rate in producing a binding settlement, usually after a session of one day or less. There is no commitment to any proposals, unless a binding settlement is agreed. Even if no settlement results, there can be no disclosure to the Court of proposals discussed in the Mediation. 


What makes our approach unique?

Our mediators build trust by seeking to understand what all parties are seeking. We provide a wide range of dispute resolution and mediation support services.  Our experience, makes our mediation service a preferred choice for the effective management and resolution of any dispute.


Our popular monthly retainer services

We want the focus to be creating a  solution to a dispute rather  than the dollar amount associated.  Our affordable monthly retainer offers a full-day of mediation at $1.200/day ($600/party) per month.  Our goal is to ensure that a resolution is found and that both parties can move forward within their relationship. 

Training Services

Looking for training and development for your team?  Do you need hours towards your professional designation? Click on the below link to take you to our Corporate Trainers webpage can support all of your training needs. 

Training services

Consulting Services

Having difficultly securing top talent or retaining talent?  Need guidance how to create a strategic plan to grow your company?  Having difficultly building trust with a new team?  Click on the link below to take you to our Corporate Consultants web page to support all of your consulting needs.  

Consulting services