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Corporate Consulting

Our Business Development division, Corporate Consulting offers businesses the opportunity to work with our Consultants by overcoming obstacles within the organization.  

Our consultants collect information by interviewing your team members that are across functions as well as levels within your organization to understand a deeper the problem. As well, the consultant will understand current industry trends and practices to ensure that your company is competitive within your industry.

We know that there are unpopular decisions that will need to be made, our consultants focus on creating solutions that will overcome the obstacles your company is facing to ensure an informed decision is made.  

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Corporate Training

Our Training Division, Corporate Trainers is dedicated to building a team. We do this through one-on-one consulting to create an effective training program to match your needs. 

Our trainers have experience with multiple sectors. We are licensed/certified to administer a wide range of assessment tools to support the growth of your business. Whether a company wants to hold in-person seminars for new staff or facilitate leadership training, we have you covered. We can work with you on-site to ensure the best learning environment for your team. 

As well, we offer Train-the-Trainer certification training.  Through our certification training, our trainers become eligible to host their own workshops and seminars so that they can grow their own business or support their team.

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Corporate Coaching

Our Leadership Development division, Corporate Coaching, offers any level of leader the opportunity to work with our Coaches by overcoming challenges within their personal growth and development. 

Our experienced coaches connect regularly with you as well as your teammates to support your growth and development to foster growth between all parties.  

Your first coaching session is one hour.  Following this meeting, your follow-up meetings are in 20 minute intervals (laser coaching). So you can decide if you prefer 20/40/60/80 minute coaching sessions. Our coaches work within your busy schedule to connect early morning, evenings and even on weekends. 

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